Zoning Board Hears Revised Quarry Plans, New Testimony on Traffic

LOWER MILFORD – The Lower Milford Zoning Hearing Board met Tuesday night to consider revisions to the Geryville Materials (GM) quarry plan. Margo Wiener, Sheila Quigley, William Smith, and Azim Zabeli attended. Wiener announced that Raymond Lapp was excused due to an emergency, and Girard Graham attended required training. Over a dozen members of the public were present during the hearing proceedings.

GM is seeking a special exception to the zoning ordinance adopted by Lower Milford Township in 2009.

GM’s witness, engineer John Ross, explained revisions to the proposal to the board with the help of his lawyers. Lower Milford Residents Association’s lawyer, Pat Armstrong, cross-examined Ross regarding the environmental impact of the revisions, requesting that in accordance with the ordinance, the new environmental impact assessments be presented to the board for its review.

Another witness testified that the intersection of King’s Highway and West Mill Hill Road will be more than adequate to handle the increased traffic which heavy trucks will bring to the area. The traffic study plan assumes turning lanes which have not yet been proposed or constructed. According to GM, PennDOT estimates that truck traffic would begin at 32 trucks per day and increase to a total of 140 trucks per day by 2017. Ross estimated that the total operation would produce approximately 831,000 tons per year of stone, asphalt, and concrete.

Wiener repeatedly asked GM’s lawyers for a map restricted to the issue before the board, and that does not show potential future phases of work on GM’s 628-acre property. Counsel for GM dismissed this request repeatedly, saying that he had explained multiple times that the map he had presented fulfilled the requirements of the subdivision ordinance.

Geryville Materials plans to build a stone quarry, asphalt plant, and concrete plant in Lower Milford beginning in 2012.

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