Municipal Authority Discusses $26,000 Outstanding Loan

COOPERSBURG — The Coopersburg Municipal Authority met briefly at Borough Hall Tuesday night.  Edwin Gruver, Charles Minnich, Susan Gibbs, Peggy Bernd, Frank Procyk, Neal Kern, Ricki Snyder, Roger Boos and Leon Sterner attended.

Coopersburg Municipal Authority members discuss the agenda at Borough Hall on Tuesday night. Photo by Judd Wilson, Southern Lehigh Tribune.

The meeting began with a discussion of $26,000 the authority currently owes and possible sources of income that might soon arrive.  Members repeatedly voiced their desire to pay off the loan quickly, but sounded confident that it would soon take place.

Engineers discussed the need to prevent freezing in the water reservoir equipment, as took place last year.  They were unsure if necessary steps have been taken to prevent a reoccurence.

The Route 309 widening project cost the borough hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the authority is now filing paperwork with PennDOT to recoup some of those funds.  

Members discussed one resident’s request to have work done on his yard’s grade.  They dismissed the request because 15 or more years have passed since the borough last did work affecting that grade.  The authority members felt that if the borough had caused a problem then, the resident should have mentioned it long ago.

Giant Supermarket has requested to put in a new fire hydrant in the northeastern corner of its lot, to eventually replace the one currently located in its northwestern corner.  A property on East Thomas Street may soon be developed and will require water for light use, approximately 200 gallons per day. 

Because next month’s Municipal Authority meeting coincided with Election Day, which would force the authority out of its normal meeting place in Borough Hall, members cancelled the Nov. 2 meeting.  The Municipal Authority will hold its next meeting at Borough Hall on Dec. 7, at 7 p.m.

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