Upper Saucon Supervisors Revise Zoning Ordinance

UPPER SAUCON – The Board of Supervisors adopted a comprehensive revision to its zoning ordinance at the Township Municipal Building here Monday night. 

The thick proposal contained 92 specific revisions to the township’s current zoning laws on subjects ranging from recreational vehicles to trees to access driveways.  Many of the revisions were typographical corrections.  According to Chairman Miro Gutzmirtl, the proposed ordinance was appropriately-sized for its content.  Supervisors adopted the ordinance unanimously and without debate.  No members of the public offered comment.

Board members also approved a new overlay on properties along Routes 309, 378, and Center Valley Parkway.  The ordinance did not create zoning map changes, according to Gutzmirtl.  Vice-Chairman Stephen Wagner pointed out that the proposed ordinance did not apply to strip developments.  Director of Community Development Sharyn Heater said the ordinance would apply to property owners or developers along arterial routes who apply for rezoning with an overlay, subject to approval by the board of supervisors.  The board also adopted this ordinance unanimously.  No members of the public offered comment.

Gutzmirtl offered his thanks to Heater for her work in redesigning the township’s newsletter, and praised this year’s NeighborFest as an “extra-special” community event.  He said he was glad the annual event had moved from June to the fall, and thanked Tracy Roman and the parks and recreation committee.  He also said he was very pleased with the authority exercised by the open space study committee to have hearings and do its work.

The board approved hiring a consultant to create updated job descriptions for the township’s employees.  This project will not include the police department because its employees already have specific job descriptions.  When Wagner inquired if annual performance reviews would be an outcome of the consultant’s work, Township Manager Thomas Beil replied that while the consultant’s work would pave the way for performance reviews, it would be the board’s prerogative on whether or not to adopt and utilize them.  Approximately 22 township employees have unionized, while 15 have not.

A longtime resident named Ray asked the supervisors if the new zoning ordinances would require him to move his 35’ recreational vehicle, which has been in his driveway since 1986.  Gutzmirtl and others discussed his concern with him and reassured him that no complaints had been lodged.

The next board of supervisors meeting is scheduled to be held at 6 p.m. on Oct. 18 at the Township Municipal Building.

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