Zoning Hearing Board Meeting Continued Until December

LOWER MILFORD – Geryville Materials attorney Terry Parish signed a continuance Wednesday night that pushed the next Lower Milford Township Zoning Hearing Board meeting to Dec. 1.  Lower Milford’s new Solicitor Mark Cappuccio asked for the continuance to complete his transfer of files from former Solicitor Emil Kantra. 

The hearing is a continuation of Geryville Materials’ appeal regarding the proposed quarry site in the agricultural and resource conservation districts on either side of West Mill Hill and Bauman Roads. 

Board members Margo Wiener, Raymond Lapp, Girard Graham, Agim Zabeli, and Sheila Quigley attended. 

Wiener explained that the next meeting will be held on Dec. 1 because the board’s normal meeting date, the fourth Wednesday of each month, will be the night before Thanksgiving.  The next Zoning Hearing Board meeting will be held at the Township Municipal Building at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 1.

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