Streambank Restoration Top Priority at Recreation and Open Space Board

LOWER MILFORD – Recreation and Open Space Board Chairman Gary Campbell focused discussion here Wednesday night on ways to educate the public on streambank restoration. 

Vice-Chairman Terrance Haggerty observed that much of the township’s open space runs along streams.   Agreeing with Haggerty, Campbell thus called streambank restoration “the most important thing” the board can do with respect to open space and environmental conservation.  Haggerty said that “preservation of pristine waterways” should be the goal for most of the township’s streams.  According to board members, residents in Limeport face a unique set of stream problems. 

However, as board member Lori Sickenberger pointed out, building public awareness of the problems Lower Milford’s streams are facing is hard to do.  Fellow board member and Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Donna Wright suggested the board hold educational meetings where homeowners can learn about the valuable, special features of their streambank properties.  She suggested each of them be a non-confrontational, “informative, fun night out” for Lower Milford residents.  Wright and the board decided to pursue the idea and report back at future meetings.      

Haggerty praised Hosensack Creek’s water quality, saying “I haven’t seen that many trout in a creek since I was a kid.”  Wright and Sickenberger discussed how the state Department of Environmental Protection may rule it an “exceptional value cold water fishery” stream.  According to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, once a stream has been ruled EV-CWF, DEP regulations do not permit uses along the stream that would degrade stream quality.   

Board members also discussed the possibility of coordinating with Lower Milford Elementary School to educate students there about the value of their local streams.  According to Wright, the school does a great job of teaching students about environmental issues. 

In other news, Wright mentioned that the township is looking to fill one vacancy on the board.  Volunteers for the position should submit a letter of interest to the township office by Dec. 16. 

The next Lower Milford Township Recreation and Open Space Board meeting will be held at the Township Municipal Building on Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m.

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