Welcome to 2011, Southern Lehigh Tribune

Happy New Year, Southern Lehigh!  I hope your Christmas celebrations were truly blessed.  I haven’t posted for a while, and my apologies for that, but it was necessary.

After resting for a few weeks so that I could get over a respiratory illness, my family and I traveled out of state.  We were able to visit and encourage one of my grandmothers in her last days.  We were also privileged to support my heroic parents, who had taken care of her day and night for months.  Those of you who have been, or are now, taking care of terminally ill family members will understand why I think you’re all heroes.

It was such a blessing to see our kids make happy memories with their great-grandmother during her last Christmas.  Surrounded by loving family members and great medical caretakers, she passed on to her reward on New Year’s Eve.  I’ll be traveling to her funeral later this month.

Now that I’m back and healthy again, expect to see a lot of the Southern Lehigh Tribune in 2011.  First and foremost, my goal is to publish a weekly newspaper — and that begins this week.  Look for it this Saturday morning as a downloadable .pdf file right here at www.solehi.com.  That’s right — www.solehi.com — the new, permanent website of the Southern Lehigh Tribune.

Second, my goal has always been to have more than a website.  Southern Lehigh deserves a newspaper of its own.  People here should be able to pick up a newspaper, hold it in their hands, and read pages full of stories about our towns, our schools, our businesses, our lives.  I hope you’re all looking forward to it as much as I am.  Advertising space will be available this month, first online and then in print.  Please contact me via phone, email, or the comments button on this website for rates and availability.

I look forward to seeing old friends, and meeting new ones, very soon.   Thank you all for your continued support of your community, your neighbors, and your Southern Lehigh Tribune.


Judd Wilson, Publisher

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