Judd Wilson is the Publisher and Editor of the Southern Lehigh Tribune. 

Judd Wilson, Publisher and Editor of the Southern Lehigh Tribune

While working as managing editor of the U.S. Marine Corps’ weekly Okinawa Marine newspaper from 2006-2007, he was responsible for all operations of the paper, including supervision, training and assignments of 20 journalists, and ensuring that writing, photography, and layout adhered to Associated Press and Department of Defense journalistic standards.  The paper did such a good job delivering timely and relevant information to the 18,000-plus Marine Corps audience on Okinawa, that it won First Place in the Tabloid Newspaper Category in the 2006 Department of Defense Thomas Jefferson Awards!  Wilson also managed development of the Japanese-language Big Circle quarterly, informing the 500,000-plus Japanese civilian audience about U.S. military support of their native community. 

As a reporter in 2009, Wilson covered the local government beat for the Woodruff (S.C.) City Bulletin, breaking a front page story about the proposed transformation of an abandoned mill property into a Section 8 apartment complex by a foreign investor.  The plan had been completely unknown to residents. 

Wilson’s articles have also been published in the Christian periodical, Faith for All of Life.


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  1. Hi and Good Morning!
    I enjoy reading your articles in the Southern Lehigh Tribune. Thank you so much for putting together this great online newspaper. Southern Lehigh had been in need of this for a long time. I am on the board of the Coopersburg Historical Society and was wondering if you would consider writing an article about our organization?
    Take care,
    cell: 267-733-7092

  2. Mary Himmelberger says:

    This is so exciting! I am the coordinator for the Coopersburg Business Revitalization Program and when I started this job in March, I was utterly disturbed that besides the regional papers (Morning Call and Express Times) there was no local resource for news!

    This is wonderful!

  3. We need vibrant editorial coverage of our growing area. It appears that the Southern Lehigh Tribune will be that provider.

  4. Hi Judd,
    Thanks for contacting me. Please check out my Linked In website for further details.
    I’d be interested in writing opportunities with your paper. My areas of interest are business, health care (level of care for seniors), politics, veterans issues, chamber of commerce, job issues for seniors (those over 50), and breaking news.

    Perhaps we could meet sometime to discuss this or any other opportunities of which you are aware. Thanks again for your time and interest.

    Jim Hulton

  5. Richard Colelli says:


    I much appreciated your article pertaining to the Southern Lehigh High School’s technology education departments “Program Excellence” award which received in Minneapolis. Printing positive achievements coming out of our schools should reinforce to our community that we indeed have an excellent school district.

  6. H. James Hulton III says:

    Hi Judd,
    Looks like your paper is still going strong. Keep going! If have a need for a writer to cover special beats, please let me know. I’d be glad to help. Thanks,

    Jim Hulton
    Communications Professional
    Blue Bell, PA

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